A Question for YOU about my Online & Social Media Presence

I’m dissatisfied with my current web and social media presence. I’m using WordPress.com for the backend of my blog, and I don’t find it as user-friendly as I’d like. I haven’t been able to make professional-looking landing pages for my book or my podcast interviews. I use Substack for my newsletter, Biblia Luna, and I am satisfied with that. What I’d like to find is a way to have a good solid website devoted to my work: a section for the book, a section for the podcasts and talks, a section where I can curate some Biblia Luna work, and also a section for ongoing blogging. It’s also important to me that I don’t lose all the blogging I’ve already done. I would want to either transfer it over to a new service, or just keep it where it is as an archive.

I’m also wondering if I should be pursuing social media more. I have a Facebook page that I mainly use to share blog posts and Biblia Luna issues. I have a Twitter account that is only used for automatic blog posting. (I don’t even know my Twitter password.) Should I look into Instagram? Something else?

Do I need a catchier title for everything? Is “Scholtes-Blog” a dumb title? Is thescholtes.com a cumbersome URL?

Any insight or ideas (or even help!) you can share would be very, very appreciated.

Please comment below (or on Facebook), or email me at darkwater@thescholtes.com.

Thank you!

Image by andreas160578 from Pixabay

One thought on “A Question for YOU about my Online & Social Media Presence

  1. I’m old school. I get your email and then read from there. Used to love having an RSS feed and digesting stuff that way. Do you have good analytic tools that tell you where you get the most engagement? I don’t think there’s one ring to rule them all… but then you end up feeling disjointed because you’ve got things on multiple platforms. I like the idea of beefing up a webpage and having your main portal or jumping off point. It’s a process. You know. Rome wasn’t…yada yada.


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