A Question for YOU about the Enneagram

I’ve recently discovered the Enneagram. I am so tempted to start talking about it here in my blog and in my newsletter (and in sermons and emails and conversations…) But I am resisting that temptation, because I know I’ll come at it as though I’m an expert, and I am nothing but a newbie. I think the Enneagram is a deep spiritual tool that might offer some clarity, vision, and guidance to me and to lots of other people, but I am curious about what you all already know about it! Have you explored the Enneagram? If so, what number do you identify with, and what has that meant to you?

I am really interested in starting a conversation here, and seeing where it goes. Join in, by commenting below (or on Facebook), or emailing me at darkwater@thescholtes.com.

3 thoughts on “A Question for YOU about the Enneagram

  1. Hi. This is the first I have even heard of that word. I looked it up online and took a test just to find out I had to pay $1.99 for the answer. So I found a free test and took it…I never got my answer. So I am still in the dark. Guess I need to do some more research.

    How did you find out about it?



  2. I didn’t know what the word meant so I googled it. Then I took the test, now they want to charge me for my number.


  3. I am an Enneagram nerd and actually use it a lot in therapy. It’s a fantastic tool in better understanding our core motivations/fears as well as those of others. I’m a 3 (achiever). Knowing this has allowed me to have more grace for my imperfections/shortcomings. Please feel free to share more, Michael! For those in the comments having issues taking the assessment, I recommend Your Enneagram Coach. It’s free and very accurate, and you’ll get your results right away.


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