Pinewood Men Double Feature!

It’s summer time in America, time for cookouts and swimming, and double features at the movies. So tonight Pinewood Men present Lakebed and Abba Redux.

First, a disturbing little slice of life tale inspired by the recent draining of Lake Minsi in Eastern PA. 

Lakebed from Pete Barry on Vimeo.
Next, a “Pinewood Men Classic” film. About fifteen years ago, the two young men who would one day become Pinewood Men, along with a few other friends, made a poorly edited film entitled “The Music is Abba.” Newly edited and rescored, we present the story of the worst party ever.

ABBA Redux from Pete Barry on Vimeo.

Jesus is Alive…

…and being held in a secure undisclosed government facility.

Welcome to Pinewood Men’s first Audio production.

To those of you who come to this blog looking for something spiritually uplifting or edifying…this might not be the post for you. Might I recommend another?


Jesus is Alive! from Pete Barry on Vimeo.

Another Pinewood Men Film

So here’s the latest film endeavor from Pinewood Men. I think it’s our best to date.

I present…Dog Prison.

Dog Prison from Pete Barry on Vimeo.

A Little Diversion

Pinewood Men Studios (which is my friend Pete and myself) present a quick film that might offer some hope in these scary times. At least we know that our cities will be able to properly defend themselves in the case of extraterrestrial invasion.


EarthDefense! from Pete Barry on Vimeo.

Introducing… Pinewood Men Studios

So apparently I’m now part of a film studio. My most excellent friend Pete and I have been making movies, and doing other assorted creative and rather ludicrous projects, for the past twenty-some years. Last weekend we filmed something we’re calling Brotherhood. It’s a silent film, mostly a series of strange and sometimes funny imagery. It’s definitely the most professional-looking thing we’ve produced, thanks to the fact that Pete has gotten quite good at editing, and apparently I have a decent videocamera.

Here it is. I encourage you to click on the link below to watch it full screen. Also, for those of you who know me as your pastor, please don’t expect this to be in any way spiritually edifying. It’s dark and weird.

Brotherhood from Pete Barry on Vimeo.