A Very, Very Quick Survey

I invite all readers of this to answer a very, very quick one-question survey. Unlike the last survey I posted, I promise this one will not cause any discomfort whatsoever. I also promise that you'll see the results posted here within the next month. Thank you for your time. Take the survey here.


Hold my breath as I wish for death Oh please, God, wake me -- Metallica One is the loneliest number that you'll ever do -- Harry Nilsson Just promise me, you'll always be a friend 'Cause you are the only one -- Ed Sheeran Those are lyrics from just three of the thirty-two songs (according … Continue reading One

Movember in an Age of #MeToo

It's day three of Movember, the month in which I join millions of other men in wearing a moustache, in order to bring awareness to men's health issues. But I'll be honest: there's something that seems really off this year about this, especially so soon after the Kavanaugh hearings. There's something that just seems wrong … Continue reading Movember in an Age of #MeToo

Disco Gourds

I used to really love Fridays. They're my day off. The one day of the week when I get to take off my pastor hat, and just be Michael. I used to have a lot of fun on Fridays. I used to go out letterboxing on Fridays a lot, drive for miles and miles to … Continue reading Disco Gourds

A Trip into Myself

I found this file lying around in my computer. I thought I'd share it here. It was my final project for a seminar I took freshman year in college. I procrastinated it until the day it was due. Then I sat in the computer lab in Trumbauer Hall for a few hours, and this poured … Continue reading A Trip into Myself

On Fragility

I was hesitant to post what I wrote about suicide yesterday. And prior to receiving all the affirming and supportive comments, I second-guessed myself. I wondered if I should have written it, if I had gone too far. If I would just upset people instead of offering something helpful. I was speaking this with my … Continue reading On Fragility

Mushrooms in the Woods

I went out in the woods behind my house yesterday, and discovered an incredible array of mushrooms out there. We've had an awful lot of rain lately; I guess that's why all this fungus has bloomed. I'd like to share some photos with you here.   These little orange mushrooms, Inocybe orangiojulius,¬†are all over one … Continue reading Mushrooms in the Woods