Hidden with Christ #5 / Labyrinth #3

I enjoy walking labyrinths. Labyrinths are maze-like structures that have been used as spiritual tools for centuries. There are many of them around, and I have started the habit of trying to visit them, perhaps once a week. For more information on labyrinths, check out The Labyrinth Society.  ...and... This is one of a series of posts … Continue reading Hidden with Christ #5 / Labyrinth #3

What Kind of Test is Life?

So I've been thinking about taking tests, particularly the difference between multiple-choice and essay tests. I've been thinking about how they're an interesting metaphor for two ways of looking at my life. I think I have to give some background here. First off, I am an excellent test-taker. I was a straight-A student in school, … Continue reading What Kind of Test is Life?

Get up. Do not fear.

This morning, I had the opportunity to preach at St. Andrew's Ev. Lutheran Church in Perkasie, where I was Director of Education/Pastoral Assistant from 2000-2005. St. Andrew's is celebrating 150 years of ministry this year, and I am one of several former pastors and other staff members they are inviting to return this year. Here … Continue reading Get up. Do not fear.

Labyrinth of the Week #1: Allamuchy Elementary School

Note: It was recently brought to my attention that the "subscribe" button was missing on my blog. I have rectified that. If you would like to subscribe, to receive notice of every post via email, please click the link on the bottom right of this page. I enjoy walking labyrinths. If you're not familiar with … Continue reading Labyrinth of the Week #1: Allamuchy Elementary School

Why Meditate?

So I'm learning about mindfulness and meditation. The book I'm reading, Wherever You Go, There You Are by Jon Kabat-Zinn, just suggested that I figure out why I want to meditate. What the purpose of it is. Otherwise, it likely won't go anywhere. So I would like to explore that here. First, I really want to get … Continue reading Why Meditate?

Nerd Nite or Church

This has been a weird weekend. I did not go to church this morning, which for me is not normal. Now, for the past five weeks I of course haven't been to my own church, but I always go to church, even when I'm on vacation or medical leave. But today, because of various reasons … Continue reading Nerd Nite or Church

Let’s Play “The Cube”

Okay. I've got an idea for a "Snapshots of My Depression" blog post for tomorrow, but first I need to teach you a game. It's a game called "The Cube." Tomorrow, I'll tell you how I discovered it, and what it has to do with my depression. Tonight, let's play. It's a self-exploration game. It's … Continue reading Let’s Play “The Cube”

A New Kind of Advent

Last evening, the congregation council of the church where I serve as pastor approved a 12-week medical leave of absence for me, to begin January 2, 2017. So I've got about five weeks now until that starts. The season of Advent just began, a season of waiting and preparing, watching and seeking. That's how I … Continue reading A New Kind of Advent

St. George

It's right around All Saints Day. All Saints Day falls on November 1 every year, and many churches observe this holiday on the Sunday following. And my mind is turned today to those who have died; those with experience in the liturgical church will understand why. It is tradition on this day to specifically remember, … Continue reading St. George