A Question for YOU about Labyrinths

My first book, Darkwater, had its genesis in a series of blog posts entitled “Snapshots of My Depression.” I’m pondering right now about whether another series of blog posts might form another book, specifically the ones about my Labyrinth journeys. But I really need your help on this!

If you’ve read my Labyrinth posts, did you enjoy them? What did you appreciate most? What would be a good “angle” for me to focus on in a book about labyrinths?

I’m really interested in your thoughts, whether you’re an old friend of mine, a parishioner, someone who found this blog through WordPress or Google, or whoever you are!

Please join the conversation, by either commenting below (or on Facebook), or emailing me at darkwater@thescholtes.com. Thank you!

2 thoughts on “A Question for YOU about Labyrinths

  1. I have never walked a labyrinth. I love the concept of having a specific question or topic to ponder upon. I love your descriptions of the labyrinth itself. And then obviously the deeper description of your journey on that particular one. A book about them is awesome. Would you have a map showing then ones you did? Would you separate put each visit or would you tie them together in another way?Would you have a guide or helpful advice for those who have never done one? It is obvious that you have benefited from these experiences, so it’s fantastic for you to share your voice on this. It will be great. You have a gift and it’s amazing to see you share it.


  2. I like to know where it is and then the question(s) you bring. The answer is always amazing, if not what you expected. Unexpected Journeys, Circle of Life, Wandering Wonders, and Wondering Wanders would all be good blog titles in my little mind. A map where they are would be good too. Oh, and yeah I enjoy the posts. 🙂


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