A Question for You about Friendship

There are eleven days until the release of my book Darkwater: A Pastor’s Memoir of Depression and Faith. I’m spending these days asking you some questions related to themes in the book. I invite you to answer in the comment section!

Friendships are really important in the story I tell in Darkwater. The narrator of the book has two close friends, Ryan and Amanda, who stand by him and keep vigil for him at various times when he needs them. These characters are actually amalgams of several friends I’ve had over the years – the things they say and do in the book really happened. I have been blessed to have a number of “Ryans” and “Amandas” in my life, people who have loved me even when I haven’t loved myself. A few who come to mind are named Steve, Eric, Pete, and Kim, though that’s by no means all of them.

Ryan grabbed a napkin and blew his nose. “Look, why don’t I take you back to your dorm,” he said. He reached into his pocket to get his wallet out. “We’ll talk about this another day. But let me tell you something: you are my friend, and I am not going to just walk out on you.” He stood up and put a few dollars on the table for a tip. “Come on, let’s go.” He walked over to the register and paid for our coffees and desserts.

Darkwater, chapter 10

Who are some of the Ryans and Amandas in your life?

Image by Sasin Tipchai from Pixabay

6 thoughts on “A Question for You about Friendship

  1. Liz, we’ve been friends for 39 years and counting! She’s stuck with me and been my therapist (not professional) through bad times. Also, Gail, although I only know her for 7 years we’re there for each other.


  2. Jan is my friend. She died suddenly 4 years ago but she is with doing what she did when she was alive, listening and being there. I also have friends I Can count on, male and female. They accept me as I am.


  3. The weird little hobby we share has brought me some of my dearest friends. Something about walking trails and sharing thoughts and feelings.With this motley little crew I am my true self. I have also suffered the loss of a friend in the group who changed all our lives by brining us together. I was with her when she passed and she has left a hole i don’t think will ever be filled.


  4. People come in and out of your life over the years. Sometimes, you don’t realize how someone has touched you until years later. Long time friends, people who are in your life but for a moment. Cherish your friends and those that open their hearts to you. Thank you friends.


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