Christmas Poem XXIII: “Reminders on the Tree”

Every year, I write a poem for Christmas, and include it in my Christmas cards to friends and family. For the days leading up to Christmas, I’m publishing all of my Christmas poems here, as a kind of Advent calendar.

Today’s poem was written in 2014. It tells the stories of four ornaments that hang on our Christmas tree.

Simple homemade cross-stitch squares
Carolers, candles, horses, doves
A yearly gift from a thoughtful friend
Marked with years and made with love
You hang upon my tree each year
More precious than a souvenir
Remind me through my Christmas eyes
Of joy in myriad shape and size

Golden child with sleepy eyes
As young this year as ev’ry last
My name upon your blanket etched
Reminding me of Christmas past
You hang again upon my tree
An erstwhile gift to infant me
Remind me that this Christmas grace
Has touched me since air touched my face

A lizard’s head pokes through a wreath
The name “St. John” embossed beneath
An apostle’s visage in bizarro style?
Or a trinket from a Virgin Isle?
You hang upon my Christmas tree
And make me laugh with childish glee
Remind me that the Christmas news
Is beautiful, strange, and silly too… s

A yellow crown upon the crest
A star of card stock, love, and foam
Of preschool hand with mommy’s help
Completes the tree that says I’m home
You shine atop my family’s tree
A special light that helps me see
Remind me that the Christmas smiles
Are gifts of hope from a heav’nly child


Doelp small Michael small St John small Star small


Featured image (c) 2014 Christopher M. Confalone.

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