Christmas Poem XIII: “Songs of Christmas”

Every year, I write a poem for Christmas, and include it in my Christmas cards to friends and family. For the days leading up to Christmas, I’m publishing all of my Christmas poems here, as a kind of Advent calendar.

Today’s poem was written in 2004.

The Carol of the Bells sounds out
Ring-Ding-A-Ding, Ring-Ding-A-Ding
Endowing faith where once was doubt
Ring-Ding-A-Ding, we join and sing

We deck our halls with joy and light
Our hearts are filled with love this night
Fa-La-La-La-La, love from afar

The poor and down-trod play along
Pa-Rum-Pum-Pum-Pum, Rum-Pum-Pum-Pum
Our blessings shared increase the song
Rum-Pum-Pum-Pum, we humbly hum

Our songs are met by those of old
Pat-A-Pan-A-Pan, Tu-Re-Lu-Re-Lu
The ancient story’s now retold
Pat-A-Pan-A-Pan, we’re in the story too

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