Have you checked out Biblia Luna?

I have begun to write a newsletter on the topic of “the intersection of faith and mental illness.”

In this weekly online newsletter, I write a few things:

  • A look at the Bible readings assigned for next Sunday in the Revised Common Lectionary (used by many mainline Protestant churches), from the standpoint of mental illness.
  • Some helpful resources in the field of mental illness (especially if they relate to faith), from podcasts to books to conferences and more.
  • Regular updates on the marketing of my book Darkwater, such as upcoming events.
  • Some surprising features are planned for future issues…

The newsletter is called Biblia Luna, which is something of a mashup between Greek (biblia = “books” or “Bible”) and Latin (luna = “moon”), which is a poetic way of connecting Christian faith and mental illness (once called “lunacy”). I used to have a second blog which I also called Biblia Luna, but I allowed that to drift away. (It’s still available for now, but I’ve got plans for that URL over the next few months.) This newsletter is something of a resurrection of that blog, which I think will be more sustainable. I encourage you to check it out.

Check out this week’s issue here.

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