Emmaus Labyrinth #67: St. Peter’s Church in the Great Valley

This is one of a series of posts about a trip I took to walk labyrinths in July 2022. See this post to see why I refer to these labyrinths as my “Emmaus labyrinths.” Note: the numbering refers not to how many labyrinths I walked on this trip, but to the total number I’ve blogged about so far.

St. Peter’s Church in the Great Valley has a large campus, and on it is a lovely seven-circuit medieval labyrinth, with brick walls and a path covered with a lovely mix of stones. By this point, I knew I’d be heading home soon, and I thought that instead of asking a question, I would just enter the labyrinth with this:

“I just want to be open to your [God’s] presence.”

After completing the walk, I reflected that the walk felt kind of like what I feel like after a contemplative prayer session, a twenty-minute period in which I meditate and focus on God’s presence. But contemplative prayer is really hard for me. As much as I get out of it, it takes a lot of effort and energy and willpower to do that for twenty minutes. Here, though, it’s easy. Something about walking a labyrinth makes it much easier for me to focus and contemplate. Here I am where I belong, walking this path. Here I am at home.

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