Cheating in Movember

So the picture above is of me today, November 21. Look how luxuriant and thick that moustache is. Not bad for three weeks of growth, right?

Ah, how I wish. You see, this year I cheated. The “official rules” of the Movember program is that you begin November clean-shaven, and grow the moustache in throughout the month. I think originally those who started the movement were clean-shaven to begin with, so it was easy to do. But those of us who normally rock beards are still supposed to start from scratch on November 1. The idea is that it grows in steadily throughout the month, keeping interest up, and encouraging awareness and donations.

The first time I grew a “mo” for Movember, I did it right. I let it grow from bare skin starting on the 1st. And I got a bit of a following, too. At least half a dozen other men in my congregation joined in, and a group of women made a bunch of paper “moustaches on a stick” for everyone in the congregation to hold on the last Sunday in November. It was a really fun process! The trouble was, I basically had to hold one of those dowel-creations myself. You see, while some parts of my beard grow in rather quickly, the follicles above my lip are apparently more delicate. By the end of November, my six comrades had full pushbrooms going on, while mine could barely dust a bookcase. Umm…yeah.

Anyway, this year I cheated, because otherwise people would just think I went clean-shaven for the month of November, and so I hope I am forgiven by the Movember police. It was for the greater good. And so I wouldn’t look quite as ridiculous.

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