Christmas Poem IV: “The Snow Falls Deep”

Every year, I write a poem for Christmas, and include it in my Christmas cards to friends and family. For the days leading up to Christmas, I’m publishing all of my Christmas poems here, as a kind of Advent calendar.

Today’s poem was written in 1995, when I was a junior in college.  

The snow falls deep throughout the land
And winds of cold blow everywhere
I see around me sights and scenes
That make me bow my head in prayer
A man who gives to those in need
A hungry child with food to eat
A friend who lets an old grudge go
A shelter for those left in the street
Tone-deaf students singing carols
Townsfolk joining to trim a tree
Opposing armies breaking bread as one
Children frolicking happy and free
The cause for all the love I see
The bliss of life, the joy sublime
Is a unique, amazing season
A season we call Christmastime

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