Let’s Play “The Cube”

Okay. I’ve got an idea for a “Snapshots of My Depression” blog post for tomorrow, but first I need to teach you a game. It’s a game called “The Cube.” Tomorrow, I’ll tell you how I discovered it, and what it has to do with my depression. Tonight, let’s play.

It’s a self-exploration game. It’s like all those quizzes all over Facebook, like “Which member of the New Kids on the Block are you?” or “Are you Hunt’s Catsup or Heinz Ketchup?” Except this one isn’t quite as stupid. It’s actually quite fun, in my opinion.

The only rule is that you have to take a few minutes and really think about it, and NOT read past the big picture below until you’ve done so. If you do, you’ll ruin the game. And once you’ve read the secret, you won’t be able to play. Because here’s the thing…you can only play this game once. Are you ready? Let’s go.

Picture a desert landscape. Nothing, just a horizon line. 

Now, in the desert, there is a cube.

Picture it. Explore it in your mind. Where is it? Is it on the ground? In the air? How big is it? What’s it made of? Describe it as detailed as you can.

There is also a ladder.

Where is it? What’s it made out of? What is its connection (if any) to the cube?


There is also a horse.

What kind of horse? Where is it? What is it doing? Is it connected in any way to the cube or the ladder?


There is also a storm.

What kind of storm? Is it moving or stationary? What effect, if any, does it have on the other elements in this landscape?


Finally, there are also flowers.

Where are they? What kind? How many? What connection do they have to the other elements?


Now, take one last look at this image you’ve imagined. Your particular landscape is unique. No one has ever pictured one quite like yours. Take a moment to enjoy it. Then, scroll down below the picture of me in my stylish Solar Eclipse 2017 eyewear, and learn the secret.







Last chance.




Here’s the secret:

The cube is you.

The ladder is your friends.

The horse is your lover.

The storm is trouble.

The flowers are children.


Think about your own image, and what this might mean.

  • What does the position, the material, the size of the cube say about you?
  • What does the material of the ladder, the number of rungs, etc. of the ladder say about your friends?
  • What about the horse? What does that say about your view of love?
  • Where is the storm? What does that say about the trouble or problems that are currently in your life?
  • And what do the flowers say about children? (Sometimes this can mean “projects” or something like that, you know, like “brain-children.”)

Tomorrow I’ll tell you what my landscape looked like.


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