Henry’s Woods (A Pinewood Men Film)

It's been a long time since I posted a video here. This is the newest offering from the experimental film studio Pinewood Men. (Pinewood Men, of course, is composed of my friend Pete and me.) It's not bad. Check it out. Make sure you have the sound on. The music is what makes it. https://vimeo.com/663785008

The Gruberman (Film)

After an unconscionably long hiatus, Pinewood Men return with a new film for 2020. The conceit of this video, if you're wondering, is that the two actors each wrote half a conversation, and recorded themselves speaking it, each knowing nothing about what the other would be saying. It was left to me to piece together … Continue reading The Gruberman (Film)

Pinewood Men Double Feature!

It's summer time in America, time for cookouts and swimming, and double features at the movies. So tonight Pinewood Men present Lakebed and Abba Redux. First, a disturbing little slice of life tale inspired by the recent draining of Lake Minsi in Eastern PA.  Lakebed from Pete Barry on Vimeo. Next, a "Pinewood Men Classic" … Continue reading Pinewood Men Double Feature!