Forty is a very important number in the Bible. During the flood, the rain fell for forty days and forty nights. The Israelites walked from Egypt to the promised land. It took them forty years. Moses was "with the Lord" on Mt. Sinai for forty days and forty nights while he awaited the Ten Commandments. Goliath challenged the Israelites for forty days … Continue reading Forty


Hebrew law, according to Deuteronomy 25:1-3, allowed for flogging as a punishment for a crime. However, the number of lashes allowed in a flogging were to be no more than forty. "If more than that is given, your fellow Israelite would be completely disgraced in your eyes" (Deuteronomy 25:3, Common English Bible). Because forty was … Continue reading Thirty-Nine


The world can be mapped with lines. Longitude lines run north-south, through both the North Pole and South Pole. Latitude lines run east-west, in concentric circles around the globe. Unlike longitude lines, latitude lines never cross one another. Therefore, they are sometimes called "parallels." Some paralells are well-known for one reason or another. There are … Continue reading Thirty-Eight


ARTHUR: Old woman! DENNIS: Man! ARTHUR: Man. Sorry. What knight lives in that castle over there? DENNIS: I'm thirty-seven. ARTHUR: I-- what? DENNIS: I'm thirty-seven. I'm not old. ARTHUR: Well, I can't just call you 'Man'. DENNIS: Well, you could say 'Dennis'. The lines above are the fantastic beginning to a fantastic scene in a … Continue reading Thirty-Seven


A few years ago, the New York Times published an article entitled The 36 Questions that Lead to Love. Based on the work of psychologist Arthur Aron, these questions are designed to foster intimacy in an organic, yet swift, way. The idea is to carve out some time with someone, perhaps someone you know only a little … Continue reading Thirty-Six


I remember 35-mm film. I used to have a point-and-shoot camera. Simple, just aim the camera at your subject, and hit the button. I had friends who had SLR cameras; much more complicated, but they could get some beautiful shots. The thing their cameras and mine had in common? 35-mm film. That little cylinder of potential, which … Continue reading Thirty-Five


Leonardo of Pisa, better known as Fibonacci, was one of the great mathematicians of the Middle Ages. He lived in Italy in the twelfth and thirteenth centuries, and among other things, popularized the Arabic numeral system throughout Europe. It's in part thanks to Fibonacci that today's blog post is called 34, not XXXIV. Roman numerals are nice, … Continue reading Thirty-Four