Slow Telling of a Story 2: Waiting for the Edit

A few weeks ago, I wrote about how hard it's been to be patient through the publishing process, how slowly everything seems to be moving, how frustrating that pace has been at times. You can read that post here. Things look a little different to me now, because I just had my first phone conversation … Continue reading Slow Telling of a Story 2: Waiting for the Edit

The Summer of 2015

During the month of August, I am writing about past summers in my life, an attempt to shine some light on why my depression seems to be worse during the summer each year. I've been heading backwards in this blog series, focusing on an earlier year each post. Now I'm at four years ago, and … Continue reading The Summer of 2015

Red Prayer, Blue Prayer

This is an adapted form of the sermon I preached this morning. I left the lectionary behind today, and used this gospel text: Matthew 6:25-33. Jesus tells us not to worry. Don’t worry about what you will eat, what you will drink, what you will wear. Consider the lilies of the field. The birds of … Continue reading Red Prayer, Blue Prayer

Yoke (poem, 2008)

I've been sharing some poems I recently found from a stash I wrote in 2008. These poems were written at a time when I was stressed out from two new things in my life: I was having some "birth pangs" at being a newly-ordained pastor, and I was also anxious about the upcoming birth of … Continue reading Yoke (poem, 2008)

Double (poem, 2008)

Last night, I shared a poem I found from 2008. Here's another of the poems from that stash. This one seems to be about anxiety, viewing the anxiety who haunts my depression as a companion who's always with me. Have I shared this one before? I don't think so, but if so, sorry. I’ll share … Continue reading Double (poem, 2008)

Thirty Minutes

Waiting and watching I am watching myself twist and gyre I am waiting for the calm to come A headache cries for a cure My brain is pulsing and throbbing Pop the two orange pills and wait... ...wait... In thirty minutes the peace arrives as the blood vessels release Or whatever. Biology's not my field. … Continue reading Thirty Minutes