Hopefully Tomorrow…

This is a shameless cross-posting from my newsletter, Biblia Luna. If you're interested in signing up for it, a weekly look into the intersection of faith and mental illness, then just click here. A few months ago, I had the opportunity to be interviewed by Molly Jameson for her podcast Not Good. I felt at … Continue reading Hopefully Tomorrow…

Podcast Interview: “That Christian in Recovery”

I had a blast talking with Verne at That Christian in Recovery. He and I have very different life-stories, but we also had a surprising amount in common with our struggles. Take a listen! That Christian in Recovery: "Pastor Michael J Scholtes Shares His Battle with Depression"

My First Podcast Interview Released!

I'm happy to announce that you can now hear my interview with Paul Granger on the "Where Did You See God?" podcast. Paul has a great podcast where he has conversations with all sorts of people, "exploring how we can see God in the most unexpected and counter-intuitive places." Sounded like an appropriate place to … Continue reading My First Podcast Interview Released!

Mental Illness Happy Hour

I am so surprised and touched by the response I received to my last post, Where Have I Been? Thank you for telling me that it's okay to share things like that. And thank you for telling me that it's helpful to share things like that! I have some ideas of other things I'd like … Continue reading Mental Illness Happy Hour