Walking to Emmaus

“What does life look like to you? How would you describe it?” My spiritual director asked me that question in the middle of a session. It wasn’t a non sequitur; although I can’t recall now what the context was, her question was absolutely germane to that context. It didn’t sound out of place or contrived … Continue reading Walking to Emmaus

Can you really be “objective”?

I have a group of friends from my college days who get together weekly on Zoom. I’m not there every week; some of us go in and out. But each week we pose questions to the group, and discuss them. It’s a great opportunity to discuss questions, sometimes silly, sometimes deep, sometimes difficult, with people … Continue reading Can you really be “objective”?

The Insight

Recently I was at a team-building workshop where the leader asked us a question: "Which button would you rather have for your life: rewind or pause?" We quickly divided into two groups: the majority chose "pause," and just a few (including me) chose "rewind." Discussion followed...most of those who chose "pause" said that they wanted … Continue reading The Insight