Let’s be Honest (Sermon)

This is an adapted form of the sermon I preached this morning, on the Feast of the Holy Trinity. The reading I preached on was Romans 5:1-5. This is a sermon about suffering. And about honesty. First, let’s be honest about the world we live in. I once had the funeral for an man in … Continue reading Let’s be Honest (Sermon)

Called Together (Sermon)

This is an adapted version of the sermon I preached this morning. We're in the midst of our annual Stewardship Campaign, and today's theme was "Giving God our Worship Changes Everything." The theme scripture reading was 1 Corinthians 12:12-31. Once upon a time, there was a group of people who wanted to identify who they … Continue reading Called Together (Sermon)

How Can I Be Saved?

The first reading from worship last week has been sitting in my head for a while now. I didn't even preach on it...I preached on the Gospel reading (as I usually do). But it's the first reading, Acts 16:16-34, that's been on my mind. I've been thinking about what it means to "be saved." I … Continue reading How Can I Be Saved?

The People Jesus Prays For

This is an adapted form of a sermon I preached today, the Seventh Sunday of Easter. The gospel reading was John 17:20-26. You may have heard all this before, everything I’m about to say. That’s the way it goes sometimes. These things get passed on and on. But I think that’s okay. I know I … Continue reading The People Jesus Prays For