Memorial Day: Apology and Dream

I am sorry. To the brave men and women who have given their lives in service of this country I call home, I am sorry. You sacrificed for the ideals of this nation, for the ideals of freedom and liberty and justice. You gave your lives with those ideals in mind, sometimes defending the freedoms … Continue reading Memorial Day: Apology and Dream

An American Lutheran or a Lutheran American?

I have lived in a "parsonage" of sorts for my whole life, living in one way or another the life of a professional religious person. I spent my childhood literally in two parsonages, the son of a Lutheran Church in America (from 1988 on, Evangelical Lutheran Church in America) pastor. I attended an ELCA-affiliated college … Continue reading An American Lutheran or a Lutheran American?

Faith that is not misplaced

This is an adapted version of the sermon I preached today, the 9th Sunday in Ordinary Time. The gospel text was Luke 7:1-10. It's also the day before Memorial Day. I have never served in the military. But I believe that it must take great courage to serve in the armed forces. And I believe … Continue reading Faith that is not misplaced