Mindfulness, the gift of Eternity

I guess today is something like Day 16 of my medical leave. The longest vacation I've ever taken was two weeks, which means this is now the longest I've been not working in seventeen years. (I originally wrote "the longest I've been idle," but realized that that was judgmental.) Today I started exploring mindfulness, at my … Continue reading Mindfulness, the gift of Eternity

Yearning and burning, but always learning

Day 11 of my medical leave. I learned a few things today. Some good, some less good, but all hopefully helpful in this journey to wellness. First, I learned that I have a vitamin D deficiency. Among all the things I was tested for, this was probably the least serious, and the easiest to remedy. … Continue reading Yearning and burning, but always learning

Dark night: Day 2 of my medical leave

So today is the second day of my medical leave, and I have some very conflicted feelings about this. In one way, I am very happy to be able to let go of the pressures of leading the congregation for a while. That's a good thing. But on the other hand, I'm not sure that … Continue reading Dark night: Day 2 of my medical leave

A New Kind of Advent

Last evening, the congregation council of the church where I serve as pastor approved a 12-week medical leave of absence for me, to begin January 2, 2017. So I've got about five weeks now until that starts. The season of Advent just began, a season of waiting and preparing, watching and seeking. That's how I … Continue reading A New Kind of Advent