Who Am I in the Face of the Cross? (Good Friday Sermon)

This is an adapted form of the sermon I preached tonight, Good Friday. The gospel text was John 18:1 -- 19:42. On Sunday, we heard the Passion of Our Lord according to Luke. And I invited you to write down questions that the story brought up in you. A few of you did so, and … Continue reading Who Am I in the Face of the Cross? (Good Friday Sermon)

You Are … (Sermon)

This is an adapted version of the sermon I preached this morning, the Baptism of Our Lord. The gospel text was Matthew 3:13-17. When my wife and I were expecting our children, we thought a lot about what we would name them. It was an important decision, and there were a lot of things to … Continue reading You Are … (Sermon)

Drifting Ashes

A semi-fictional account of recent encounters with both my therapist and my spiritual director. I say "semi-fictional," because it didn't really happen quite as written below. However, it is all true in another way. Perhaps I could call it a "mythical account." We got deep into it that morning. Questions of career and direction. Questions … Continue reading Drifting Ashes