Christmas Poem X: “The House Where It’s Always Christmas”

Every year, I write a poem for Christmas, and include it in my Christmas cards to friends and family. For the days leading up to Christmas, I'm publishing all of my Christmas poems here, as a kind of Advent calendar. Today's poem was written in 2001; I was a newlywed. This poem is about my … Continue reading Christmas Poem X: “The House Where It’s Always Christmas”

Home in Perkasie

This morning, I attended worship at St. Andrew's Evangelical Lutheran Church in Perkasie. In fact, I preached there today. This was a very special day for me, because St. Andrew's holds a very dear place in my heart. Right out of seminary, but long before I became ordained a pastor (that's a different story), I … Continue reading Home in Perkasie

My Center of Gravity

One of the stranger habits I have is this: figuring out my "geographic center of gravity," in other words, the very center of where I have lived throughout my life. It works like this. I have a spreadsheet in which I have the latitude and longitude of every place where I've lived in my life. … Continue reading My Center of Gravity