The Raising of a Trauma (Sermon)

This is an adapted version of the sermon I preached this morning, the Fifth Sunday in Lent. You can view this sermon, along with the whole service, if you like, at Prince of Peace Ev. Lutheran Church's website. The gospel reading was John 11:1-45. "Lazarus, come out!" Don’t you wish that someone would call your … Continue reading The Raising of a Trauma (Sermon)

Cat-Sized Hole

I buried a cat yesterday. It was a very difficult process. I don't mean emotionally -- although I'll get to that part soon enough. I mean physically difficult. The house where I live is adjacent to several acres of woods, and there is an abundance of spots in the woods to lay the body of … Continue reading Cat-Sized Hole

A Sermon I Never Wanted to Preach

Jonathan Antonioli was an active member of my congregation. Last week, at age 16, he died from injuries sustained in an automobile accident. The past week has been tragic for the congregation and the whole community. His death is a textbook example of "not fair" -- he was kind and loving and intelligent and so … Continue reading A Sermon I Never Wanted to Preach


It's wintertime. For me, that means dry skin. Loads of Lubriderm on my hands and arms throughout the season. But my fingers always get the worst of it. Cracks. Tiny cuts. I often go to bed with a band-aid or two on my thumbs, just because it makes it feel better. The most common place … Continue reading Remember