A Question for You about Friendship

There are eleven days until the release of my book Darkwater: A Pastor’s Memoir of Depression and Faith. I’m spending these days asking you some questions related to themes in the book. I invite you to answer in the comment section! Friendships are really important in the story I tell in Darkwater. The narrator of … Continue reading A Question for You about Friendship

Labyrinth #47: Church of the Presentation, Upper Saddle River, New Jersey

I enjoy walking labyrinths. Labyrinths are maze-like structures that have been used as spiritual tools for centuries. There are many of them around, and I am in the habit of trying to visit a lot of them. For more information about labyrinths, check out The Labyrinth Society. Find where labyrinths are in your area at the … Continue reading Labyrinth #47: Church of the Presentation, Upper Saddle River, New Jersey

Rhythm of Resilience – The Weeklies

A few days ago, I posted about my Rhythm of Resilience, a collection of habits I've developed and committed to. It is my hope that doing these things regularly will help keep my resilience up so that I can more easily weather the mental health storms that come my way. It's kind of regular set … Continue reading Rhythm of Resilience – The Weeklies

Searching for a Long-Lost Friend

A few months ago, I had a dream that led me down a very interesting path. I became mildly obsessed with searching online for information on a person I hadn’t seen in well over forty years. Let me explain. I’m going to change some names, for the sake of privacy. In order to explain this … Continue reading Searching for a Long-Lost Friend

Snapshots of My Depression #12: Not the Best Man

This is one in a series of posts I’m calling “Snapshots of my Depression.” These are memories of times in my life when my mental illness manifested itself in one way or another. It's been a while since I posted one of these "Snapshots." I thought maybe it was time to dust off this series, … Continue reading Snapshots of My Depression #12: Not the Best Man

Home in Perkasie

This morning, I attended worship at St. Andrew's Evangelical Lutheran Church in Perkasie. In fact, I preached there today. This was a very special day for me, because St. Andrew's holds a very dear place in my heart. Right out of seminary, but long before I became ordained a pastor (that's a different story), I … Continue reading Home in Perkasie

Snapshots of My Depression #9: Eleven Days of Hope

So, following my suicide attempt at age seventeen, I spent eleven days at First Hospital Wyoming Valley, a behavioral health facility in Wilkes-Barre. For days, I've been trying to figure out how to tell the story of those eleven days. I really don't know how to put it into a clear narrative. I think the … Continue reading Snapshots of My Depression #9: Eleven Days of Hope

The Insight

Recently I was at a team-building workshop where the leader asked us a question: "Which button would you rather have for your life: rewind or pause?" We quickly divided into two groups: the majority chose "pause," and just a few (including me) chose "rewind." Discussion followed...most of those who chose "pause" said that they wanted … Continue reading The Insight