What on Earth is Heaven? (Sermon)

This is an adapted form of the sermon I preached this morning. The gospel text was Luke 20:27-38. As Lutherans, we don’t tend to talk about heaven very much. We usually focus more on how Christ affects us in this life. But in November, as we approach the end of the church year in two … Continue reading What on Earth is Heaven? (Sermon)

Cat-Sized Hole

I buried a cat yesterday. It was a very difficult process. I don't mean emotionally -- although I'll get to that part soon enough. I mean physically difficult. The house where I live is adjacent to several acres of woods, and there is an abundance of spots in the woods to lay the body of … Continue reading Cat-Sized Hole

Twenty-Seven (Guest Post)

This entry in the "Numbers" series was written by guest writer Pete Barry. Pete is the screenwriter of the upcoming film Marian. He is also an award-winning playwright, as well as the other half of the non-award-winning film studio "Pinewood Men.”  Follow his upcoming comedy podcast Mission: Rejected on Twitter and Instagram at @missionrejected. Thanks for giving me the day … Continue reading Twenty-Seven (Guest Post)


So in a way, today's post is a sequel to yesterday's. You'd think it would take place right after it. Yesterday's post was about the year I was eighteen, so you'd think this one would be about when I was nineteen. Well, it sort of is. But most of the action took place long before I … Continue reading Nineteen


This is an adapted form of the sermon I preached this morning, All Saints Sunday. The gospel text was John 11:32-44, the raising of Lazarus. One day, not long after Halloween, a day not unlike today, a monkey came upon a jar filled with Halloween candy. It’s not important how this jar got into the … Continue reading Clinging

“I am Going to Die”

This is an adapted form of the sermon I preached this morning. The text was Mark 9:30-37. I am going to die. It’s true. I don’t like to think about it too often, but a day is coming, perhaps a long way off, or perhaps not, when I will die. That’s uncomfortable, isn’t it? And … Continue reading “I am Going to Die”

Funerals are Good

Day 6 of Walking and Blogging. I got 11,804 steps in so far today, and I'm about to blog. So, a successful day 6. The local funeral home is less than a half mile from my church. I generally walk there when I have a funeral. This evening, I had a viewing to attend, and … Continue reading Funerals are Good