The Summer of 2016

For the month of August, I am looking back on the summers of my life, attempting to find some patterns within them to explain why it seems that my depression tends to get worse during the summer. I'm also looking at each summer to find some insight or reflection that can speak to who I … Continue reading The Summer of 2016

Healing a Broken Church

This is an adapted form of the sermon I preached at a special service called Order of Corporate Reconciliation. We offered this worship experience at my congregation as one of several opportunities for healing following a very contentious and conflicted congregational vote a few months ago. The most powerful moment in the service for me was during … Continue reading Healing a Broken Church

It’s Hard (Poem)

It's hard to hear all the anger It's hard to live with the strife It's hard to learn that conflict and hatred Are the backdrop for living this life It's hard to talk with each other It's so hard to listen and hear It's hard when the very thought of someone Can paint your emotions with … Continue reading It’s Hard (Poem)