On Fragility

I was hesitant to post what I wrote about suicide yesterday. And prior to receiving all the affirming and supportive comments, I second-guessed myself. I wondered if I should have written it, if I had gone too far. If I would just upset people instead of offering something helpful. I was speaking this with my … Continue reading On Fragility

A Breakthrough!

This morning, I went out to do some errands: the post office and the grocery store. This is typical Friday fare for me. When I'm not on medical leave, Fridays are my day off, and I usually spend the morning grocery shopping and whatever else is necessary that week. I've stayed in the Friday errand … Continue reading A Breakthrough!

Cruisin’ with Ranald 2: Moisturizing my Brain

This is the second in a series of blog posts I wrote the week of June 19, when my wife and I were cruising to Bermuda aboard the Norwegian Breakaway. I intended to post them as I wrote them, but the ship's wifi was not up to the challenge. So I saved them, and I … Continue reading Cruisin’ with Ranald 2: Moisturizing my Brain