My Story of Sexual Harrassment

When I was in seminary, I was not always the nicest person. I was young and grumpy, and sometimes I said and did things that were taken as cruel. I'm not proud of this -- I hope that I've grown out of a lot of it. But there was one instance that has been on … Continue reading My Story of Sexual Harrassment

Snapshots of my Depression #14: Locked In

This is one in a series of posts I’m calling “Snapshots of my Depression.” These are memories of times in my life when my mental illness manifested itself in one way or another. In my twenties, I spent five years as the full-time Director of Education/Pastoral Assistant of a Lutheran church. Fresh out of seminary, … Continue reading Snapshots of my Depression #14: Locked In

Memorial Day: Apology and Dream

I am sorry. To the brave men and women who have given their lives in service of this country I call home, I am sorry. You sacrificed for the ideals of this nation, for the ideals of freedom and liberty and justice. You gave your lives with those ideals in mind, sometimes defending the freedoms … Continue reading Memorial Day: Apology and Dream