Snapshot Extra: A Believer’s Prayer

In my last post, I discussed my eleven days as a behavioral health patient at First Hospital Wyoming Valley, following my suicide attempt. While I was there, I wrote this poem. It was my way of trying to come to terms with my faith and my own life.

“A Believer’s Prayer”

I have always been confused
About what you meant for me
I never knew what I should do
Or who to try to be

I struggled with your existence
As I struggled with my own
But now I know you love me
And I’ll never be alone

Yet I still cannot be sure of
What you want me to do
Although you live inside me
It’s a challenge serving you

So now I ask for help, O Lord
For you can do no wrong
I beg, when I go down again,
Your love may keep me strong

I know you have a plan for me
I know you know what’s best
So I’ll just keep on loving you
And let you do the rest

4 thoughts on “Snapshot Extra: A Believer’s Prayer

  1. Beautiful poem Pastor! When I lived in the Pocono’s I remember hearing about First Hospital, I think my friend’s daughter was there in the late 90’s.


  2. I loved it! And He is still there helping you and loving you. I applaud all that you have gone through and all you have accomplished. And…for helping me feel better about myself too.


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